if you would kindly excuse me, IT’S TIME TO MOVE

I think we all agree, that this whole Chakotay/Seven romance never happened.


Oh TECH supportI thought you said TREK support.

*sadly zips jacket up over starfleet uniform*

outlawqueensituation replied to your post: My Lovelies

i feel like such a rebel in the middle.

but a very very cute rebel :D

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enablers :D

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that queue…. idk how you do it. I think your queue and my drafts should get together and have a talk. xD

I…don’t actually know how I maintain a full queue…it started mainly when I first was stalking for janeway posts and didn’t want to COMPLETELY spam people. Just mostly. :D I think it’s just habit now. Post a thing, queue a thing, post a thing, queue a thing.

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I’m feeling so much better about my number of likes all of a sudden

Nova Scotia - here to make you realise you are less crazy than you may have first imagined :D

YAR!! →


Nova and I have decided to make a thing, a supremely marvelous thing. We made an art for each other a while back (mine for her, hers for me) and decided we must do another thing.

Now since we both managed to avoid drawings eyes in those drawings, our rule for…

"If you don’t mind, Kes and I will wait on board my little vessel for you to return."

I’m beginning to think I am on this damn website too much.


A Janeway a Day
(all pictures)


A Janeway a Day

(all pictures)

My Lovelies :admiralpulaski (7%)thejanewaydirective (7%)mylittleredgirl (6%)sirhamsterpicard (5%)outlawqueensituation (5%)everdeer (5%)captainofthenx02 (5%)kate-boosh (3%)aliens-scully (2%)YES GOOD. Happy Wednesday and may your day be better than mine!
My Lovelies :
  1. admiralpulaski (7%)
  2. thejanewaydirective (7%)
  3. mylittleredgirl (6%)
  4. sirhamsterpicard (5%)
  5. outlawqueensituation (5%)
  6. everdeer (5%)
  7. captainofthenx02 (5%)
  8. kate-boosh (3%)
  9. aliens-scully (2%)

YES GOOD. Happy Wednesday and may your day be better than mine!